Food for thought!


I believe that the era we are in is exploding with food choices. The daunting question is how to make the choices from the enormous heap of information? The two most important components of any food are taste and health, but choosing healthy food which tastes great and tasty food which is quite healthy is being trickiest ever!

Recently my mom had to go through bypass surgery at mere age of her early sixties and even though I am acquainted with the general ‘healthy’ food anatomy, several questions are raised in my mind. All her life my mom had home cooked food, with the so called healthy ingredients. She is from the time where eating out meant either you can’t cook or your are too spoilt!! She always had her greens, carbs, fat, protein etc. well balanced in most of her meals, so where did this go off balance to prove our food theory otherwise?

The stone in the grain is we don’t know how healthy our healthy ingredients are any more. From milk, veggies, pulses to meat everything is genetically altered these days! Now go n try cooking something healthy from these so called good food choices. I love growing veggies and fruits in my home garden. Every now and then I keep changing the crop just to see how it actually grows. The idea of having organic ingredients without any pesticides or genetic alteration for my home meal makes me super excited (even though the seeds I use can be non organic!) When my friend Vaishakhi from my hometown visited me, she was really happy to see the veggie patch and trees which started to bear their first batch of fruits. Her insisting suggestion was to get a cow and have almost everything organic!! Now finding desi cow over the widely crossed Jersey cows would be a nightmare, isn’t it?

Everyday my tons of friends from different whats-app groups send me horrifying messages and videos of  how almost everything we eat is altered one way or the other. The height of those messages was the video in which someone made cabbage out of only chemicals! Knowing too much is making us ever doubtful and helpless about everything we buy. We are having every fruit in all seasons, we are getting meat home delivered like milk everyday!! Have we stopped and thought how is this possible? These are not super powers on our part as humans but this is super horrible  alteration of our being. In justifying the enormous supply and demand theory, what the production geniuses have forgotten is the essence of feeling alive. They are simply replacing it in the name of the delightfully appetizing presentation and infallible customer service. Ironically these geniuses are nourishing their own future generations with the same food choices(****)!!

Now I know clinching fists and helpless sighs is not the solution here. Acknowledging, understanding and making our choices little differently will get us a step closer to healthy food. Also our own fabric of genes play major roll as to our dis-eases (as Loise Hay would say it!)

Vegan, vegetarian or non-vegetarian all would justify their own choices as per health quotient. Question is how that food is grown? Local and in season are things to emphasis on. You can buy at big malls and at local farmer’s roadside stall, choice is yours but think what chain reaction it could create in long run. As much possible grow veggies and herbs at home, may that be in pots but that give immense joy and understanding. I am always looking for produce from farmers directly, luckily we have few set ups nearby our area to support our local farmers. As per the glass of milk, every morning when I pour it for my two sons I wish that milk could have come from desi cows and not altered jersey cows. Hope to come that wish true soon!!

Wiser edge

On the wise edge!!On the wiser edge!!

I swear this is midlife crisis! Otherwise why in the world would I voice my thoughts which are running  like wild horses in all possible directions ?

We ( 40s near-some bearing here please) in this stage of life often look back, wonder about bunch of “what ifs”,  brushing off those heart pinching sighs aside set out to do something radical. This is what’s happening here people! The thing is, I am as sure about writing and voicing my thoughts, experiences, opinions, feelings and emotions as my ten times a day tumbling mood! So what??

Finally I have decided to ride this wild horse along the bumpy road, but I hope to find out something that might spark away my journey and who knows sharing this journey with you all might loosen up the few knotted spots there are!! Ha…ha

So blowing the whistle away.. cause I have officially entered (couple of year now) the sacred and as much maddening zone called midlife crisis!!